Star Hentzen Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Is a joint venture between Hentzen Coatings Inc. USA and Star Paint & Oil Industries, India. Having its registered. Office in Mumbai, India.

The JV is created to manufacture and trade to cater the emerging Aviation Sector with state of the art Aerospace & Defense Coatings.


About Hentzen Coatings (

Originally founded in 1923, Hentzen Coatings has grown from a small producer of industrial coatings into one of the largest and most successful independent paint companies in the United States.

Being privately owned has allowed us to focus our efforts on the needs of the industry and on long-term future developments. As a result we were one of the first companies to begin work on and produce water-borne coatings long before EPA legislation was announced. Our experience and knowledge gained over the years has allowed us to respond quickly to many requirements, and provide our customers with dedicated technical support.

Hentzen continues to be at the forefront of emerging coating technologies as is evidenced by our current concentration on reducing emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.'s) and the continual redevelopment of environmentally friendly coating systems. We have been active in the Coatings Care´┐Ż program since its inception which has led to the formulation and production of a wide array of high solids and water reducible liquid products. We employ three in-house legal counsel that work closely with our sales and development group to provide our customers with cost effective coating systems compliant with current and anticipated environmental laws.

Our commitment to quality is reflected by our accreditation to ISO9001:2000


About Star Paint & Oil Industries (

Star Paint & Oil Industries, is established in Mumbai, India, in the year 1941,by Shri Ladhubhai Damji Doshi. Since last 75 years, Star Paint & Oil Industries has pioneered the manufacturing of HEAT RESISTING ALUMINIUM PAINT used in the core industrial products and plants. The company has obviously come a long way since its humble beginning in 1941,when Shri Ladhubhai Damji Doshi, who has conceived an ideaof setting up of Indigenous Paint Manufacturing Facility to cater to the need of core sector industries in Indian Market.


Star Paint & Oil Industries, manufactures a wide range of industrial paints, such as:

  • Heat Resisting Aluminum Paint

  • Fire Retarding Paints

  • Chemical Resisting Paints

  • Insulating Varnish

  • Paints for Air Crafts & Helicopters and

  • other specialized products as per Russian Standards which are used on Defence Air Crafts.

The Paint is an important mode of protection and the need of high temperature resisting paints cannot be overstressed in modern day Industries to protect the paints and equipment's. This is an Industrial Paint where consistent quality is of uppermost importance, and it is a matter of gratitude that STAR PAINT & OIL INDUSTRIES is committed to meet the requirements successfully for the protection of sophist-icated plants and machinery's at:

  • Refineries

  • Petrochemical Complex

  • Fertilizer Plants

  • Power Houses

  • Textile Mills

  • Cement Plants

  • Chemical and Sugar Industries

  • Automobile Industries

  • Engineering Workshops, and above all

  • High Flying Defence Machines of the Government of India